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Q&A: Test Your Knowledge

Q&A: Test Your Knowledge
  1. Course C1 Language of Medicine Final Examination
    Clarence Walker, age 9, fell while rollerblading and injured the upper part of his left arm. An x-ray revealed that the bone in his upper arm was partially broken on one surface and bent on the other surface. From the answer choices below, select the response that correctly identifies the type of fracture Clarence experienced in this situation and the bone involved in the fracture.
    1. A. Comminuted / humerus
    2. B. Comminuted / metatarsals
    3. C. Greenstick / humerus
    4. D. Greenstick / metatarsals
  2. Question 2: Course C2 Life and Health Insurance Law Final Examination
    Participating life insurance policies often pay dividends to policyowners. One correct statement about policy dividends is that, typically, these dividends:
    1. are subject to federal income taxation
    2. are not assignable by the policyowner
    3. are considered to be income to the policyowner
    4. represent a return of premiums to the policyowner.
  3. Question 3: Course C3 Claim Administration Final Examination
    The following statements are about beneficiary designations in life insurance policies. Select the answer choice containing the correct statement.
    1. In the United States, a will is always considered to be a legally effective means of changing a policy beneficiary.
    2. When a beneficiary is acquitted in court of murdering the insured, the beneficiary's rights to the policy proceeds are automatically affirmed.
    3. A policyowner can only name an immediate family member as the policy's beneficiary.
    4. An irrevocable beneficiary's interest in a policy terminates upon the completion of a signed release by the irrevocable beneficiary.
  4. Question 4: Course C4 Management of Claim Operations Final Examination
    Aldo Molinar, a claim department manager, faced considerable resistance from his subordinates when he had new claim-tracking software installed on the department's computers. In an attempt to overcome resistance, Mr. Molinar asked Chandra Ford, a claim examiner and the most vocal opponent to the new tracking software, to lead the implementation committee. Mr. Molinar hoped to create the illusion that Ms. Ford was participating in the change but, in fact, Mr. Molinar made minimal use of Ms. Ford's suggestions. This information indicates that, in attempting to reduce his subordinates' resistance to change, Mr. Molinar used the method known, by definition, as:
    1. non-interference.
    2. coercion.
    3. Stagnation
    4. co-optation.

Correct Answers:

  1. C1-C
  2. C2-D
  3. C3-D
  4. C4-D