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President's Welcome

President's Welcome

Greetings from unseasonably warm North Carolina! I know other parts of the country are not faring as well and that many of you are continuing to bundle up during our second month into the New Year. Hang on just a bit longer. Hopefully, Spring is right around the corner despite what the groundhog, Punksutawny Phil has to say about it!

We are just coming off of a very successful Winter Committee Member meeting held in Tucson, Arizona in late January. For once, I believe most folks made it back without winter weather delays for which I am thankful given our recent past track record following this meeting. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm. I had numerous participants comment throughout the meeting that they loved the energy around all of the planning going into making our Annual Education Conference in San Diego this September another success! The committees were provided the feedback from our 2016 conference so that they could review the comments and consider what our membership values most. Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out the survey. Without the feedback, it becomes a much more difficult task to know what we are doing well and what we could do even better.

groundhogYour annual conference team is working hard to secure a keynote speaker to kick off the meeting in the Fall. We are also planning a fun filled social program around all of the valuable educational content to provide attendees with plenty of networking opportunities, not only to catch up with old friends, but to make new connections throughout our industry as well.

The Marketing Committee and the Membership Committee met as two distinct and yet uniquely vital committees for the first time. I was excited to sit in and hear all of their great ideas around how we intend to maintain and grow our membership as well as how we can expand into the blogosphere, and provide more online content. You might have noticed that this is the first time the IQ appears in a blog format in keeping with this goal! We have additionally posted a welcome video from me, the current member list, membership renewal forms and a planning calendar of events on the ICA website. Be sure to check out all of these resources!

In addition to the Annual Education Conference in September, please consider participating in upcoming webinars hosted by the Disability Committee on February 15th and on March 15 hosted by the Fraud Committee.

Finally, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Dave Grannon, the 2014-15 ICA President and current chair of the Nominating Committee, for all of his dedication and years of service to the organization. Dave has shared with me that he will be retiring in 2017. Dave has been instrumental in leading our efforts around the Law Enforcement Inquiries, an important resource for our members. Congratulations on your impending retirement Dave!

Until the next opportunity I have to share my remarks in the IQ, I hope you all have a happy and healthy Spring!