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Law Enforcement Inquiries

Law Enforcement Inquiries

February is here. Phil saw his shadow so Spring is still six weeks out. On a positive note, we gain a little over one hour of daylight in February. Those of you who go away for Spring Break are likely making your plans and preparations and talking about the fun times you will have with friends and family.

During 2016, we received 283 requests for our services. This number is down slightly from the two previous years, but the number is still significant.

Let me say that it has been my distinct pleasure to have served the ICA and the law enforcement community as the coordinator for the LEI service.

As I look back over the years, I began serving as the coordinator in 1999. This followed a year where the ICA had 4 requests from law enforcement. We began taking steps to make sure that key law enforcement groups were aware of our services. We began seeing slow growth in the number of requests. Fast forward to 2006, we received 30 for the year. We were excited to see that number of requests. In 2008, we received over 200 and have not looked back. We have been over 200 each year and a couple of years over 300. It is through the dedication of many of you who are sharing this service with any law enforcement officer that you engage with. Keep up the good effort.

There are some changes in the LEI service for 2017. With my upcoming retirement on March 1st, I turned over the Coordinator function to Dori Farrey of CUNA Mutual effective February 1st. This will allow for several months of personal interaction with the officers/agencies that send emails directly to me for our services. Going forward requests can be sent to dori.farrey@cunamutual.com or to lei@claim.org.

David Grannan
UnitedHealthcare Employer and Individual